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Family-Owned Program 

Nitebull Frenchies Petaluma, CA, is located in the heart of Sonoma County, California. Our French Bulldogs get to run on 1.5 acres of dog-friendly farm-land with three kids! We are licensed & family-owned. All of our dogs are Health Tested and AKC Registered. Full OFA Certifications coming!

We breed for health, temperament and structure. Frenchies are the #2 most popular dog breed for a reason. They are smart, friendly, hilarious, playful, loyal and loving. Little dogs with a big personality.


Breeding & Training is not only our love but our passion. Jessa has been training, rehabilitating, rescuing dogs and horses her entire life.


When she retired from rescuing race horses, she put all her love and energy into Frenchies. We are a family run breeding program, our frenchies are our family and our kids help us care for the pack. We keep a small number of dogs in our program so we can give them all the individual attention and the training they deserve.


We began our program in 2020. Our mentors have been breeding for many years.

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